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The cyberlife and times of Kayhan Boncoglu, digital librarian extraordinaire, photographer, filmmaker, podcaster and all around nice guy

Howdy Cybernaut!

Hello, my name is Kayhan Boncoglu. Welcome to my personal website and digital corner in this little thing we call the Internet

About Me

My Blog

Some of my random thoughts and musings (aka my blog). Blog posts will include opinion pieces and how-tos. I'll leave the product reviews to the pros

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My Photography

I love photography and really anything to do with cameras and camera gear. Here is just a small sampling of my photography

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My Audio

I love audio recording. Just like with photography, I love everything there is to do with audio gear and equipment. Here is just a small sampling of some of my audio work.

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My Films & Videos

I love visual medium like film and video because it is part creative arts and part technical. I also love film gear (that's my main camera rig to the left)

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